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Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta Customer ReviewsSadly the Atlanta, GA based business directory Kudzu ( was shut down December 2018. Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta had been a part of the Kudzu community for 8 years (2010 – 2018) and we dedicated a lot of time and resource serving the community so we captured some of our reviews to publish here on this page before it was shut down. Maybe you are looking at a similar project that you read about below, we can happily go over the details of any of these jobs as we remember all of them. Obviously, we have done more remodel/renovation work for the Metro Atlanta community outside of Kudzu, but the Kudzu community was kind to leave us several reviews, which we wanted to share.

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Larry Alford

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Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
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 16 reviews
by Ellen on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta

Larry is spectacular! Recommend highly!

by rfamily9 on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Outstanding kitchen remodel for LE$$

We recently finished a kitchen remodel in our Acworth, Georgia home. Like most people, we had multiple quotes with a VERY wide price range of options. Most of the typical companies that advertise on radio, we found were too structured and less flexible - .re: "come down to our showroom and we will show you what options to pick from". Of course I thought that would also be the least expensive option as well, but boy was I wrong. Larry is very unassuming and a page out of good ole Southern Georgia when a handshake meant something. He explained that he could do anything but we were delighted to know that we could find the appliances and work with his island contracting team and woodwork designer. We selected the counter tops, gas stove top, convection ovens, microwave, fridge and dishwasher that WE WANTED, not from a book or showroom that someone else decided was the right mix. His timetable to complete work was 3-4 weeks and he finished in 3 weeks. Every time we decided to change something he would give us a verbal quote and he hit it exactly. If you are the type that has to have everything in writing, you will be a little nervous, but I can assure you that Larry's word is his bond. BTW, his woodwork designer is absolutely amazing! My wife changed an entire wall of cabinets on day 1 with only a picture and they turned out PEFECT. . I HIGHLY recommend Cornerstone Remodeling and promise you that you'll save time and money with Larry. Next our bathroom!!!! 🙂

by Heavyfuel on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Whole home remodel Atlanta

Checked with several contractors and Larry seemed to be the easiest to talk to. We did a full 6000 sq foot remodel and it was done in an appropriate time and at an appropriate price.

by coryjmc on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
We love our basement!

Larry is affordable & accommodating. He will work with you and help you vision what you want. Any issues we had Larry took care of them. We are very pleased with the outcome of our basement. We would recommend Larry and his subcontractors for your next job.

by GaryB8166 on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Very pleased with the work done

All in all we were very pleased with the work we had done. Great work for the price. They put in french doors to our deck as well as a roof over half our deck & we enjoy our deck much more now.

Marietta, Georgia

by greenengine on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
East Cobb basement finish

Cornerstone was a great find for a general contractor. They did a quality job on time and on budget. His crews are professional and met all my needs. The suspended cofered ceilings are awesome! I'll be calling them for all my future projects.

by BigJonJon on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Great Crew - Finishing Basement

Larry knows how to run a project. He even allowed me to learn a few things from him. From start to finish, he was on time and communicated well. His crew did a great job and finished just in time for our new baby. His prices were fair and the work was excellent. While he was here, I even had him give me makeovers in my master and hall bath. You can't go wrong with Cornerstone in my opinion.

Atlanta, Georgia

by bryonyrose on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Trustworthy with excellent service

Larry and his crew went the extra mile to be certain to finish the job before the rain hit. They gave a reasonable quote and stayed in budget. They kept appointments and worked with my schedule. I would definitely recommend them.

Roswell, Georgia

by rhynson on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Larry is a ROCKSTAR!

Larry was great! I needed pull-up bars installed in my gym and the project was too large for me and too small to be a "real" job for most of the contractors I called. Larry responded quickly and agreed to come into Atlanta for an afternoon to help me out. He stayed on budget even though it took him an extra afternoon than planned and the quality of the work was great. He didn't even mind when I brought my dog to work and she got into everything. I was thrilled with the quality of service I received and Larry as a person.

by Jacesnana on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
New Kitchen

I live in an older home and wanted the kitchen remodeled. Larry Alford came in and gave us some tips on how to best use the space we had. He was also several thousand dollars cheaper than any of the others we obtained quotes from. I now have a kitchen that looks like it came out of a magazine. I am a very, very satisfied customer.

by jimcanbowl on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Atlanta Basement Remodel

My daughter needed to move back home and there was just not enough room in the house for her and her two children. We had a full basement that had never been finished. A lady at work told me about Larry Alford and had me contact him. I contacted him and also several others I found online. He gave me an estimate to build 3 bedrooms, a sitting room, and a bathroom. I fully expected to pay the price of a new home, but I was greatly surprised and pleased to see him come in with a lower bid. Larry gave us the best estimate. Everything was done on time and far above my expectations. I have heard horror stories about having contractors work for you. I would not hesitate to recommend Larry and if I ever need anything else done around the house, I will certainly give him a call. He is very dependable and wants the work the look like it was his on home. He was a real pleasure.

by emilyspapa on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Addition to Roswell house and screened in porch

My wife has been after me for years to add on to the house to make a master suite and to add a screened in porch. Someone told me about Kudzu and so I came searching. I contacted several of the contractors and got bids for the job. Larry Alford actually took the time to talk to me and find out exactly what was wanted. He had some very good suggestions that we had not even thought about. His bid was not the lowest, but I had the most confidence in him just because of him wanting to know what we wanted. The job is finished. Larry kept on top of the contractors and now we are thinking about having the rest of the house spruced up. Larry will, of course, get the job. My wife is happy, so therefore I am a happy husband. Many thanks to Larry for the good job.

by scm30213 on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Best Looking Yard In Town

After the recent storms we have had, my yard was a mess. Trees were down on the house and all over the yard. A neighbor recommended Larry Alford for me to call. I expected to have to call someone for the roof, someone for the rebuilding of the damage, someone to clean up the trees and someone to relandscape the yard. Much to my delight, Larry Alford was able to do all of the work. I did not have to stay around to supervise the work because Larry was in and out constantly and the contractors he used were wonderful. You cannot imagine what a relief it is to turn everything over to someone else and not have to worry about the workmanship. Everything is finished beautifully and was fully covered and signed off on by the insurance company. I would recommend Larry to anyone who needs work done. He is really dependable and does what he says he will.

by ragdoll on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Best Atlanta Remodeler

I recently hired Larry Alford for restoration work on my home after the floods of September 2009. He is very friendly and I enjoyed the experience. I really was impressed with his recommendations on preventative measures we could take to stop my basement from future flood damages. The roof replacement Larry recommended added a lot character to my home. I found Larry to be easy to talk to and always available to answer any questions I had during construction. This was important to me because I work fulltime. Larry is very creative and up to date on all current construction styles. He also pays attention to all the small details to make the finished product look perfect. The companies he hired for the flooring, roofing, painting and staining were all excellent craftsmen and worked very hard to complete the work in a timely manner. Larry was at my home every time a subcontractor showed up to make sure things were done right. Larry is very cost conscious and kept me informed at all times of any overruns from the original estimates. We finished within a $1000 of the original estimate and I had a number of upgrades. I would highly recommend working with Larry's company because he is innovative, easy to communicate with and eager to see that you are pleased with the finished product. If I ever need any additional improvements I will certainly contact Larry because I feel I can trust him to do a good job.

by Suheb S on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta
Great Contractor

I hired Larry Alford on a complicated project to finish a partially constructed 5400 sq ft home that I was buying in a foreclosure. The house had been abandoned for over 4 years in 50% complete state. Larry got on it immediately, and very methodically analyzed all the aspects of the house that needed to be fixed, finished, or totally redone. He was honest, frank, and most importantly, he always put my interest before his own, even if it meant him losing my business. Working closely with my family and the structural engineers, he developed a detailed plan to finish the home for a fixed price and fix the innumerable code violations that the house had. He was always available, and worked around my travel schedule to meet me over weekends, and late evenings as required. I am an investor and have dealt with many a builders but Larry is a class apart. I will definitely be using him on all my future projects and will be recommending him to family and friends. Suheb Siddiqui

by workers on Cornerstone Remodeling Atlanta

I had 2 bathrooms remodeled with tile,fixtures and counter tops. The work was completed on a timely manner and the workers were polite and on time!the price was worth the quality!